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Do you want to start a business with great recurring revenue, high exit multiples, and amazing margins?  Pest control is the best industry to be in for these reasons and many more.  Don't know where to start? 

Not available in Colorado.

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Not a Franchise

Check the chart below to see how our costs differ from big franchises. We only benefit if your outfit is successful!

One on One Coaching

We offer consulting calls that ensure you aren't left to the wolves.  If you have a quick question or a major business decision, we can help you find the best solution.

Major Upside

You get all the benefits of owning a company without personally guaranteeing loans, working by yourself, or taking on multiple partners.

Why We're Better Than Franchising


What We Offer

Coaching on How To Get Started

Projection Model

Sales Manual

Inventory List

Vendor List

Employee Manual

Optional Consulting

Licensing Info

Tech Stack

Website, SEO, Marketing Help

Dollar Notes


$1,500 - Everything listed under the "what we offer" heading except website and SEO.


$2,500 - Everything including website and SEO.


$1,000 monthly - Unlimited consulting calls every month. 

Royalty - a royalty of 6% of total gross revenue will be collected each month.  This royalty will not be collected during the first 12 months.

Not sure if you can trust us? Google King Pest Solutions Grand Junction and read our reviews on Google.  We will help you dominate your market just like we dominate all of Western Colorado!

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Fill out your info, get the contract, sign it, pay the invoice, receive the materials.

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