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Pest Control Services

At King Pest, we align your interests with ours and tackle every pest problem head on no matter how big or small. Our professional team will take on even the toughest situations backed by our satisfaction guarantee.

Your home should be a place for you to relax, not for bugs.  If you are noticing spiders, ants, cockroaches or other pests in your living space, there are most likely many other bugs making a home in the hidden nooks and crannies around your place.  We offer free inspections and professional services to ensure we drive them out from their hiding places.

Each commercial project has its own individual worries.  Restaurants need to keep out cockroaches and mice.  Retail stores may have more ants and spiders.  Hotels will need to keep bed bugs at bay.  Luckily, King Pest has all the solutions for your commercial property.

Don't let mosquitos, ants, or other pests ruin your big event.  King Pest will ensure that your wedding, reception, birthday, or corporate event are bug free.  Call today to ask about our party packages.


Chuck W.

Carl was very knowledgeable and worked quick.  He explained why we are seeing so many roaches.

Jay S.

Very professional

Katelynn B.

We had struggled for months with elm bugs and King Pest got rid of them.

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