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Wasp on a flower


Wasp Extermination


Wasps are common pests that can ruin a perfectly good day.  Wasps can often be found rummaging through dumpsters, at picnics, and anywhere where people are gathered to eat.  They love sugary food and drinks that are commonly found at gatherings.


Wasp Stings

Wasp stings can be extremely painful and cause some soreness and swelling of the effected area but these effects generally wear off within 24 hours.  For a small group of people, a wasp sting can cause anaphylactic shock which can be fatal. If you find yourself near a wasp or a swarm of wasps, refrain from swatting at them.  When wasps feel threatened they are more likely to attack and send out a chemical signal to nearby wasps telling them to attack as well.

King Pest Wasp Services

Wasps nests are typically found under the eves and decks around homes and businesses.  Wasps make their own nests by turning raw wood into paper pulp which they for into hexagonal cells.  As it dries, it forms a sturdy nests where they can rest, seek protection, and develop their young.  If  we find a wasp nest, we will treat it with a product that immediately kills them.  This will prevent them from getting irritated, entering your home, or stinging anybody near by.  Our technician will then treat those common areas to prevent wasps from coming back.

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