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Are we really local?

100%!  Both of the owners were born and raised right here in Colorado.  We are not outside transplants either.  We are also our own company.  That means we are not part of a national franchise like Orkin, Mosquito Squad, or Terminix.  We carry our own licensing and insurance.  For these reasons you will get a higher quality service, better customer service, and our satisfaction guarantee when you trust us with your home or business!

Is King Pest Solutions Licensed?

Of course we are.  We carry the proper licensing to ensure that your home is bug free.  Any new technicians we hire are promptly put through our training program and receive their own individual licenses through the Colorado State Department of Agriculture. You can verify our licensing and make sure it is current and also check any other companies licensing statewide at the link below.

Along with licensing, we carry insurance to protect us in the event that something does go unexpectedly.  This gives peace of mind to us as a business and all of our clients. 


We offer several forms of payment to make your life easier.  We require a bank card or echeck to be put on file before we start services.  This means we will need to collect a debit or credit card or a check so that we can put the accounting and routing number to your bank of file.  All customers will be on autopay for recurring services.  This enables us to collect payments in a timely manner and customers do not have to stress about paying their recurring bill.


Pest control is not perfect.  We cannot guarantee that you won't see the occasional bug around the house.  However, at King Pest we have exceptionally high standards.  We will reservice your home for FREE up to three times between your regularly scheduled services if you are seeing a lot of activity.

Disclaimer: in the state of Colorado, we cannot legally guarantee treatment for bedbugs due to Colorado state legislation.  We aim to provide a satisfactory service and will service your home up to three total times to give you the best shot of being bug free.  

Why Monthly Billing?

We bill monthly for several reasons.  It helps you, as the customers, break down payments into more manageable chunks rather than one big payment every quarter.  It also helps us, as a locally owned small business, receive monthly payments to be sure we can cover monthly expenses and pay our employees well.

Do we have contracts?

Yes! While some people may shy away from the word contract, we embrace it.  Typically, we offer one, two, and three year contracts to our clients.  Why?  When you call us to service your home, it is unlikely that your bugs moved into your home overnight.  With that being said, we cannot guarantee that bugs will be gone overnight after our initial treatment.  A contract allows us to give your home the service it deserves which is usually several treatments with a rotation of products. A contract also locks in your price and protects you from price hikes as long as your contract is current.


There is no such thing as a safe pesticide. The chemicals used to kill pests can also harm people, pets, and property. All pesticides available commercially in the United States have been registered with the United States Environmental Protection Agency. As a part of registration, pesticides are risk assessed by the EPA, including a toxicity classification and whether the use of a particular pesticide should be restricted only to certified applicators. We will be happy to share information with you about the specific products we use and their safety risks. More information about the EPA’s risk assessment process and pesticide registration can be found at

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