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Spider Extermination

Spider Identification

The most common types of spiders found in Grand Junction are the wolf spider, black widow, and yellow sac spider.  While the brown recluse is not commonly found in this area, many people misidentify other spiders as brown recluse.  Now, while the bites from the wolf, black widow, and yellow sac spiders may cause pain, they are seldom lethal to healthy adults.  Children and adults with immune disorders or other health effects may be more susceptible to worse effects from these spider bites.  Regardless of what type of spiders you are seen in your home or business, nobody likes creepy crawlies, and it is better to manage them then be sorry.

How they get in

Much like ants, spiders can come in through small cracks in the foundation, open doors and windows, and even broken or bent screens on windows and doors can provide easy access for spiders.  Spiders can also come in with cardboard boxes from delivery services and mail.  Spiders are the most active in the fall as their food source aims to enter your home or business as temperatures drop.

Spider extermination and prevention

Since spiders feast on other insects, King Pest recommends a preventative service before you see any major spider activity.  Allowing us to manage the bugs on the inside and outside of the home will reduce the food source that spiders have causing them to search for food away from your home.  If you already have some signs if spiders, King Pest will be happy to assess the situation and put together an action plan to eradicate the spiders in your home.  Our top-of-the-line products will kill spiders in the home and a prevenative barrier will keep them from returning. 

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