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Bed Bugs

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Grey Bed with Quilt

Bed Bugs Grand Junction

Bed bugs are hitchhiker pests meaning they get into your by getting on your clothes, into your luggage, or any items that you may carry back and forth when visiting family and friends, Airbnb's, and hotels.  Bed bugs can get into your suitcase, make it into your home, and lay dormant for up to 6 months before they start to feed and breed.  This can make managing populations and finding out where you got them from very difficult.  Regardless of how long you have had them or how bad the infestation is, King Pest Solutions promises to send these small bugs packing!

How to prevent bed bugs

Each time you travel, carefully inspect your clothing and luggage to ensure you did not pick any up.  If you feel that you may have stayed in an infested room or visited the home of someone that potentially has these bugs, immediately put anything that can safely be put into the dryer in the dryer and run it for one cycle on high heat.  Washing is not necessary as the heat it what kills these bugs.

What King Pest Solutions Does

We aim to perform an effective treatment while keeping costs down and keeping your family safe.  While heat and chemical treatments are effective, heat treatments can cost thousands and chemical treatments can pose health risks since so much chemical is applied to the bed.

At King Pest, we do not use either of those strategies.  We use a biological treatment that is safe, effective, and cost effective meaning we can knock down the bugs without putting your health at risk or charging you more than necessary.  


How it works

Our trained and licensed technicians begin every job with a thorough inspection to find any breeding sites and any potential hot spots throughout the home.  Bed bugs get their name because they often nest in your bedding.  Bed bugs can also  nest in animal bedding, toys, carpets, curtains, and clothing.  Basically any fabric is a great hiding spot for these bugs. 

The technician will then treat all of these spots, baseboards, couches, behind picture frames and many other places.  The product is a spore that has been developed to specifically break down bed bug immune systems and quickly control populations.  The product is a very fine mist that releases living spores that are safe to humans and pets, but target bed bugs.  As bed bugs mingle, these spores are passed from one to another and is the most effective way to treat bed bugs. 

Since bed bugs have such a short breeding cycle, they can reproduce quickly. To combat this, we follow up after 7-10 days to perform another treatment.  This ensures that any new eggs that hatch will come in contact with the solution enhancing long term results.

What to do if you have bed bugs

Do not worry.  Call a professional! Unfortunately, bed bugs are extremely resistant to most remedies and getting rid of them as a homeowner is extremely unlikely. King Pest Solutions has technicians available Monday-Friday allowing us to meet your needs quickly.  Call our office at 970-250-5882 today!

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