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Mice exterminator


Mice Extermination

The mouse is one of the most problematic pests in the United States.  Mice can enter the home through the smallest cracks and crevices.  Once inside, they can cause a massive amount of damage nibbling on electrical wires, furniture, and other parts of the home.  One mouse can cause a lot of damage alone but what makes mice even more lethal is how quickly they reproduce.  Even though a female mouse will only live 9 to 12 months, she can produce up to 60 babies during that time.

How do mice get in?

Mice can come in through any hole around the size of a dime.  If he can squeeze his head through the gap, his body will follow.  Any cracks in the foundation, open garage doors, or windows are perfectly feasible entrances for mice.  Additionally, mice can use their sharp claws to easily scale up buildings or trees and enter through gaps in the roof or open windows on upper levels.  

Mice activity levels

Mice are most active within the home during the spring and fall.  Like humans, they prefer a temperature controlled environment. In the Spring they aim to get in a home to take advantage of the cool air as compared to the rising temperatures outside.  In the Fall, mice that have survived outside try to get inside before temperatures get too cold outside.  During this time they are most likely to enter homes and businesses to begin creating nests. 

What can I do?

Although having a perfectly tidy home or business does not guarantee that mice will stay outside, a dirty environment certainly does not help.  Mice love the same food we do so cleaning up messes, putting food away, and sweeping the floor often will help prevent mice infestations.  Regularly checking for entry points around your home or business will also help.  Of course, if you suspect mice have already penetrated your property contact King Pest Solutions for a free inspection today.

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