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Truly Local Pest Control

We take pride in being a local company! King Pest Solutions is a job provider in Grand Junction. We do not outsource or offshore our office support nor do we operate with any outside help. When you call King Pest you know you are dealing with local people that live in your community and share your neighborhoods.

We are wholly owned and operating under our own branding. We are not a franchise that spans across the nation and uses outside resources to leverage growth. Many franchises operate under the guise of being local while they are truly a national company. In many cases these franchises can push local companies out of business, raise prices, and cause consumers as well as small business owners to suffer.

We live here, we pay taxes here, we invest in our community and we create jobs and economy to support our community. Since we live in such a tight knit community, we understand the importance of providing a high quality service and meeting the needs of our neighbors. We would hope this year that when you see bugs, you would take the time to search out a truly local and independent company that meets your needs and your budget. King Pest Solutions is proud to be the highest rated local pest control company on the Western Slope. We plan on continued growth, quick response times, and the highest quality service you can find in Western Colorado! Happy New Year!

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